Tarzan is a fictional character created by Edgar Rice Burrough which first appeared in the 1912 novel "Tarzan of the Apes" and then in 23 subsequent story is depicted that tarzan son of a British royal family left the African shore of the rebels parents died yamg when he was little. Then he dibesarka by the great apes of the species is not known. Whatever the tarzan was a man of divine creation. Because of the circumstances and situasinyalah he lived and was raised by an animal called a monkey. So in his life he behaves, ordinances, and his style like animals. By science when iduknya ape who nourishes his name is John Claytonlord. And when Jane returned to America, leaving tarzan jungle to find her idol. Married to Jane and Tarzan stayed with him for beberapalama. In England they had a son named Jack. Tarzan does not like the hypocrisy of world civilization. That's why he and Jane return to Africa and stayed there until now.

If we tijau of background tarzan life, then we can conclude that the Tarza knew god too. What is the reason? the reason is evident that he did not like the hypocrisy of world civilization. Tarzan also means knowing where the behavior is not good and good behavior. Is not knowing what is good and bad means he knows the god who created him. So that he would change his life or who emigrated from humans do not deserve a more appropriate place occupied by humans.

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